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We are an official UK distributor of Scitsu Tachos/Rev Counters, from our Ducati Scitsu Tacho and the
Classic Scitsu Racing Tacho with matching Scitsu Temperature Gauge
to the superb quality, race-proven, YSS Shock Absorbers............
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Richard est notre agent officiel en Française et fera un plaisir de discuter de vos besoins

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Ducati 851 Racer TT90 900 Project Jeff Cambell Guzzi Cafe Racer
Ducati 851 Replica Racer
See Cameron's 2 year build on a very special TT900 Customer Jeff Campbell and his stunning Guzzi Cafe Racer
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F1 Project
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Moto Guzzi 'Reborn'
750 Pantah Restoration
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TT2 Project Red/Silver
**For Sale**
TT2 Project Red/Yellow
**For Sale**
851/888 Project
**For Sale**
We have put together our expertise and knowledge of 40+ years to bring you the very best quality, exclusive and elusive parts and accessories in our online store Two Wheel Classics
Two Wheel Classics Our dedication, passion and enthusiasm of the sport is always a major part of our work. We invite you to view our gallery to see our ongoing and previous projects. We have a collection from Honda, Triumph and Suzuki with some famous bikes along the way
With the knowledge gained from 40 years in racing worldwide, with some prominent riders, Two Wheel Classics offers sales, restoration and preparation of classic road and racing bikes. A full range of servicing and restoration to suit your budget.
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Two Wheel Classics

If you have an original condition bike but would like to make it operational without making it obviously look restored then this is the place. You can have it your way, either ride or show quality or somewhere in between, you choose the restoration to suit your wallet.

DUCATI Motorcycles are our speciality, but we are confidently knowledgable in Moto Guzzi, Triumph, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda and Yamaha along with most modern marques.

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Many of us look back with fond memories and misty eyed at motorcycles of days gone by, and remember how cool they looked, and how we wished we could own one at the time.

Now we're older the bikes have moved on, but that doesn't mean we should forget all about those old motorcycles. In fact the opposite is true, now those bikes we looked at with awe and envy all those years gone by are becoming classics, and as such are worth saving from the scrapheap.

Two Wheel Classics are here to help die hards and enthusiasts alike, with top quality race bikes, spares and accessories. Get that elusive part today.

We have been involved in motorcycle racing for over 40 years with riders such as Stan Woods, John Heselwood, Graham Waring amongst others.


Ducati Factory

Classic motorcyles evoke the pure, original essence of riding

More than a mere motorcycle, a classic bike can operate like a time machine, capable of transporting an ageing rider back to younger days. It can also be considered a work of art, a mechanised expression of form and function or as pretty as a sculpture. Some collectors consider older bikes a financial investment, with a better return than many stocks and shares.

They are the most eye-catching rides, yet many were manufactured even before most of the riders on the road were born.

It may be difficult to decide which classic motorcycle will steal away all your free time that would otherwise be used for family, an evening out with the buddies and ironically time out on your newer, but running bike

Classic motorcycle restoration isn't all about locking yourself away in a garage and becoming an expert on which grade of chrome was used to plate the headlamp retaining bolt. Motorcycle restoration is a fun hobby for everyone, from the DIY mechanic to those who just want to ride a motorcycle they never could afford when they were younger. You don't even need to have a lot of spare money, as some classic motorbikes can be picked up quite cheaply in various states of repair. Some classic motorcycles can, with a little attention, be ridden almost immediately and yet still not hit your wallet too hard.

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