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Ducati Ignition CoverDucati Ignition Cover

This is the new ignition designed and developed exclusively by Two Wheel Classics.

Fits: Ducati 500, 600 and 650 Pantah engines and Ducati 600SS, 750SS and 900SS engines

The ignition will run directly of the end of the crankshaft and be in an open space (not in an oil bath). Single sensor for easy timing.

The generator and flywheel are removed, saving a weight of 5kg, thus enabling the engine to obtain maximum power

The ignition itself is state of the art technology:-

1. Mag crank input (can be used with many toothed wheel configs)
2. Coil outputs for 2 single coils or 2 double ended coils (2 plug Heads)
1. Tacho o/p
1. Shift light o/p
1. Map switch input (2 maps)
1. Quickshift input (pedal or button on bars)
All functions are stationary or live programmable via PC or Laptop whilst motor is running.

Single CDI ignition ECU.

Designed to give increased spark energy at all engine speeds.

CAN 2.0B active output to external dashboard/logger.

Uses double ended coil for 4 cylinder running.

Anodized aluminium case.

**Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery (Special Order Only)

Price: 1,650.00


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