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m-Unit V2

m-Unit Complete Kitm-Unit Complete Kit

The complete solution.

m-Unit V2 Digital Control and Fuse Box
m-Unit Cable Kit
(see below for details)

Save £8.00 (inc. P&P charges) by buying the kit


**Currently 4 weeks delivery from order**


m-Unit V2 Digital Control and Fuse Boxm-Unit V2 Digital Control and Fuse Box

The m-Unit V.2 is a digital control unit for your motorbike - the 'heart' of the vehicle's electrical system.

The m-Unit V.2 can be operated by push-button control or conventional switch controls mounted at the handle bar. The control box is used for switching of all necessary vehicle components and doubles as fuse panel.
Its compact case has the approximate size of a cigarette box and is completely moulded in - resistant to water, weather and vibrations.

The m-Unit V.2 is the 'electrical heart' of the motorbike. All switching operations are completely digitally controlled by a microprocessor and the latest solid-state technology - completely without mechanical relays, taking vehicle electrical systems to a new level!

All diagrams and fitting instructions supplied

*You will need to purchase the m-Unit Cable Kit in order to facilitate fitting. The m-Button is an optional extra


**Currently 4 weeks delivery from order**

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m-Unit Cable Kitm-Unit Cable Kit

The m-Unit Cable Kit is a ready made set of cables to aid in the assembly of a wiring harness.

This cable kit consists of top grade copper-strand cables and will help you doing quick work of creating a new wiring harness.
The different cable diameters and colors are ideally suited for application in connection with the m-Unit. Their number and length is sufficient for most models.
Non-professionals would have to put serious effort into an equivalent assembly .
Additionally, the kit contains multiple cable ties and cable end sleeves.

Altogether 1Kg of cables and materials.


**Currently 4 weeks delivery from order**



Another innovation: the m-Button.
It's a big help - in combination with the new m-Unit V.2 - in reducing 'cable clutter' and simplifying wiring harnesses.

Integrated into the handlebar tube - or any other adequate location - this tiny cylinder will electrically connect all handlebar instruments, switches and buttons.
Using state-of-the-art bus technology, the m-Button digitally processes signals and transmits them to the m-Unit V.2 over a thin cable.
The electrical consumers will then be switched inside the m-Unit.
All control wires are moved into the handlebar. This saves space, weight, labour and time. A 'must have' for custom bikes with clean-look handlebars.

The m-Button is equipped with connections for
- turn signal, left side
- turn signal, right side
- headlight (low beam and high beam)
- E-starter
- horn
- brake light switch, front brake


**Currently 4 weeks delivery from order**

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