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Cam Belt TensionerCam Belt Tensioner

TEXA TTC Belt Tension Tester

TTC is a device for checking the correct tension of the belt of the engine, developed on the basis of the specifications of Ducati especially for motorcycles.
The correct tensioning of the belt is essential for ensuring reliability and safety; Moreover, there is only when using an appropriate measuring instrument as TTC the certainty of a correct assembly, creating a highly professional service is guaranteed

The instrument carries out the measurement using a highly sensitive microphone that analyzes the resonance frequencies.
Fully wireless and powered by a rechargeable
Requires no additional equipment, because the test result is displayed directly on the practical graphic display, the measurement made is confirmed by a beep
Small dimensions and low weight permit together with the advanced technology a unique handiness

The belt can be tightened properly within a few seconds

Price: 368.00